Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Out Of Nowhere

We have all had one of those 'blast from the past' moments, but sometimes the radius of those blasts is so huge that it blows away your imagination along with your mind. It will start making sense in a minute.

Very recently I got into contact with a long lost person from school who wasn't even a friend since we never talked that much. Truth be told, before I got the chance to talk to her I was scared of her just like Bruce Wayne used to die every time he came across a bat. Why..? You may ask. Well, let's just say she had a very strong presence around her, like something dark lurking inside her soul waiting for someone to give an excuse to get their head snapped, like she would turn into a green muscular monster who would punch your face to death if you made her angry. 

Although she was always nice to me I still didn't want to get punched for saying something stupid unintentionally. It was not just her aura that gave out such vibes but also her muscular built; Five feet ten, broad boulder like shoulders - boulders, if you may, iron fists, flaming red eyes, fire breathing nostrils. I may have exaggerated with the red eyes, but the rest was exactly as described... Okay, jokes apart, by now you might be imagining her as a big dumb walking loaf of meat with a burger in one hand and soda in the other, but she was nothing like that. 

She was tall, pretty, with big beautiful eyes, and always very decently dressed. Despite her decent appearance, girls or guys who didn't know her personally wouldn't dare messing with her. She did act like a bully sometimes but only with those who deserved it. Somehow she was misjudged. She was a law unto itself. Her tendency was to finish whatever you started. She was tolerant and liked to help humanity. It showed in her speech. She was generally warmhearted and gave freely of her time, energy, and sympathetic understanding to her friends. She had tolerance and acceptance of the frailties of others. She was frank, methodical and believed in law, system and order. She was are very intuitive and had a reservoir of inspired wisdom combined with inherited analytical ability. It's like she was born to be a leader. Man, she was something.

That being said, after I started talking to her gradually I realized all her qualities which were inspirational, but those qualities didn't make her a serious human being. She was actually a very funny person with a level of sense of humor that matched mine. She didn't know that there is an actual country named "Czechoslovakia", the funny thing is that she couldn't pronounce it either. Every time she would see my face she would shout,"Cheeko-slovako" or "Cheeka-pokoloko". Every time it came out different but it was cute and special because it was our personal joke. She would lit up a room with her strong presence being the center of attention. It was always good talking to her, but before I could get to know her better she was gone, just like that. I had no idea where she went or why she left the school. In the back of my head I thought may be she graduated or something. To me she was just another person that I used to know, and we all missed her; her witty comments about everything that passed her gaze, her dirty jokes, her evil laughter.

Either years passed by. Last week I was going through my Instagram timeline. I came across some very weirdly interesting posts. The kind of posts only few people would find funny, for example, memes about Batman riding a dinosaur without any caption because he is Batman. He can do anything, right? That's genius to me. It's okay if you don't get it. Such humor is not for everyone. Anyway, I have been following this unknown person for God knows how long, so because of that post I went though the profile and found other amazing post with an exceptional amount of ''BUTT'' humor. I was thinking, "man, this has to be a guy." This person had a Japanese profile name and also had few girly posts, so naturally I thought this must be an Asian chick who loves Batman, butts and bodybuilding.

Two or three days passed by and this chick started posting some really amazing stuff related to superheroes, motivation, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Captain Planet, comics, butts and almost everything I thought only I loved (other than too many butts, lol). I was inspired and curious. Keep in mind she didn't have any selfies or any other posts that revealed her face, so I had no idea what she looks like. So I did some stalking and found few school fellows in her followers. I was like, "Damn! She must be from Pakistan." So instead of asking other people who she was I asked her directly, because why not, right? 

The first thing that she said was, "I'm the one you taught how to say Czechoslovakia. :D"

I was stunned right there and could not believe how small this world actually is. Well, she already knew who I was because I had my face all over my Instagram, but she didn't know that I didn't know that it's her.

So we started talking, did some catching up. It felt nostalgic at first but then I got to know a whole other person that she has become now. Basically an upgraded version of everything she was almost a decade ago. We talked for hours, literally, without any breaks. You would like to think that people eventually grow out of their dirty humor but no sir, people don't, in fact they get better at it. She has become more evil and creative with her witty humor and dirty jokes. I'm glad though, because there is never a dull moment with her. No matter how many dirty jokes we share with each other it never gets awkward. Just the way I like it. 

On the other hand, I also got to know her softer side. She is caring like all of us should be. She doesn't show it off but it shows in her personality. She would make you believe in true meaning of friendship if you have lost all hope. She is super intelligent, there is not a thing she doesn't know about, I mean I don't even know how. Her respectful behavior towards elders and her idea of respecting a family and going along with the situation so that no one would get emotionally hurt is just inspirational. Honestly, I never expected her to grow into this amazing human being. It's been only five days since we started talking and I could still write so much more about her but I'll leave that for the next post because I want to know her better.

I wish we had more people like her. The world would be a better place with more butt memes than we already have. 

P.S She has recently gone through a scar surgery, so whoever is reading this please pray for her and her brother's quick recovery. Thank you.  :)

Until next time. 

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